After my graduation at the art academy, where I passed with free work, I worked for a number of years as an autonomous artist in Groningen. I made old-fashioned paintings, which I sold to, among others, the ING bank and the Rabobank, a number of art centers and private individuals.
After I moved to Rotterdam I started drawing on the computer, and was hooked (Now my characters could blink their eyes!). With this newly acquired technique I was able to make myself useful for different clients, with different wishes. (Which is nice! I love variety :-)
After a few years, I started as a part-time illustrator and animator at one of my clients. At this company, which makes E-learning, I had the opportunity to work on big projects, for even bigger clients. Always in a team: educators, content experts, UX designers, technicians and project managers.
Now, ten years later, I work full-time again as an independent illustrator and animator.